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THREAD SAVER® helps prevent serious valve thread damage that will disable your SCBA just when you need it most. Plus, it will save you as much as $425.00, if you have to replace a damaged valve body with a new valve.

Thread protection is needed for soft aluminum valve threads of breathing apparatus cylinders mfg by Scott , MSA , Avon, Draeger, Interspiro, Avon/ISI, Survivair and North SCBA.

Fire fighters swear by
THREAD SAVER'S ability to protect their CGA 346 & 347 cylinder valve threads. And rightly so!

12 Month Money Back & Lifetime Guarantee!

Thread Saver At Work!!!
Prevent SCBA Valve Thread Damage to Your Cylinder Valve

THREAD SAVER® provides protection by keeping dirt, dust, mud, grit, sand, snow, ice and water away from your LP or HP cylinder valve threads and valve orifice.

THREAD SAVER® is inexpensive insurance against serious valve impact damage and the need for costly valve repairs or replacement.

THREAD SAVER® has been heat tested by an independent laboratory to 650°C - 1200° F temperatures. "Specify ASTM D1929 Testing on your Bid Specification."

Specify with New SCBA Purchases

Keep your SCBA cylinder valves ready for the big one!

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