Thread Saver® has been designed to provide your cylinder valve with added protection against damage during handling, storage, and transportation. In addition, Thread Saver® can help prevent water, grit, snow, ice and other debris from affecting the function of your valve's CGA 346 and 347 threads, valve orifice, internal cylinder surfaces, and help insure proper regulator operation. Do not tie a square knot on the string ends.

Thread Saver® and the nylon string is manufactured from a petroleum product and, therefore, may burn when exposed to direct flame. The Thread Saver® will start to lose its form when exposed to temperatures of 500 degrees or higher for an extended time.

WARNING: Modifications of your self contained breathing apparatus in any manner, including attaching radios, flashlights, personal alarm devices and
Thread Saver®, may void its NIOSH approval. At this time, NIOSH, MSHA, OSHA and NFPA have not approved the Thread Saver®. If you choose to attach the Thread Saver® to your cylinder valve, tie individual knots in the nylon string as shown here. This should eliminate any chances of entanglement. DO NOT TIE THE STRING ENDS TOGETHER.

WARNING: All persons using
Thread Saver® must be made aware of its limitations. Failure to follow the above instructions may result in serious injury or death to the user.

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