Thread Saver Trademark
"They are very well designed and save us money. They have stopped thread damage. We were losing about five cylinder valves a year prior to thread savers - not one since! They paid for themselves the first year."
Thread Saver Fits All CGA Threads
--- Lt. Sanders
Fire Dept., Colorado
"We use thread protectors on all our SCBA cylinders. They have provided advantages we did not even think of when we started using them: provide color coded identification for cylinders, 'glow in the dark' is advantageous for locating a firefighter in dark environments, and they are inexpensive."
--- S. Englert
Fire Rescue, Texas
"Our department has been using Thread Saver® for
three years now. Not one problem encountered. Well worth the money spent."
--- B. Salo
Fire Dept., Massachusetts
"New York state issues them for all SCBA cylinders assigned to State Fire Instructors. They work well, especially considering that we often have to haul equipment from station to station."
--- R.A.F.
New York
"We have been using the protectors for a few years,
not just to protect the threads but also to keep foreign bodies out of the valves. This is especially true when changing bottles at fire scenes."
--- C. Murrell
Fire & Rescue, Texas
"The Thread Saver® keeps insects from building homes in the valve assembly. I like them!"
--- S.Angell
Nuclear Power Plant, Georgia
"We have been using them at our VFD for the last seven years. They work great! We just got another dozen for spare bottles."
--- J. Lundberg
Volunteer Fire Dept., Michigan
"The department I just retired from, Bryan Ohio Fire Department, has been using Thread Saver® for several years and very much like them. They save the SCBA threads."
--- Gerald F. Robinson
Bryan, Ohio
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